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Data integration

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Image: André Tschentscher, UKJ Jena

Principal Investigator: André Scherag

The working group "Medical Data Science" is part of the Institute for Medical Statistics, Computer and Data sciences at the Jena University HospitalExternal link – Friedrich Schiller University.

The institute has many years of experience in the planning and analysis of highly heterogeneous and in some cases multidimensional data sets. The expertise ranges from animal models to cohort studies and from molecular high-throughput analyzes, including DNA-methylation, to imaging data. Our subproject will contribute to a data-driven planning of experiments in order to optimally coordinate the results from different working packages. In addition, we want to investigate the available heterogenous data sets in an integrated manner. We will apply advance statistical models or machine learning methods – if necessary, we will also develop or extent existing methods. We will particularly focus on methods for analyzing causalities in order to understand the causes of physiological aging as precisely as possible. When it comes to the integrating of molecular markers, we are closely cooperate with the data science groups in IMPULS and LIFE-Adult (Hoffmann, Scholz/Löffler).

Doctoral researcher: Christelle Ngueda Kemda 

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