Collaborative project with LIFE Adult study

Principal Investigator: Markus Scholz

The group “Genetical statistics and biomathematical modelling” is part of the Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and EpidemiologyExternal link of the University of Leipzig.

The group and institute has longtime expertise in planning and conducting large-scale epidemiologic studies such as those established in the LIFE Research Centre for Civilization DiseasesExternal link comprising among others more than 17,000 well-phenotyped adult participants. This comprehensive resource of data and samples will be explored to answer molecular genetic research questions of IMPULS such as epigenetic ageing.

The group of Prof. Scholz also has longtime expertise in managing and analyzing high-dimensional molecular data. Analyses planned in the framework of IMPULS will be performed in cooperation with the groups of Steve Hoffmann and André Scherag

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